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Introduction of TOPIC

SDF want to attest that the versatility of squash and the varieties of ketchup can open a new idea that squash can be used as an alternative ingredient in making catsup, so SDF Company introduced catsup made in squash. This can be use as a dip for fried foods. It can be also use as a base for various sauces. It may last for 1 month without any changes in taste and aroma. The squash catsup looks like the banana catsup, its color, appearance and taste. It has equal sweetness and spiciness. The texture of the product is smooth. SDF Company believe that compared to the other catsup, Squash Catsup is more affordable and more nutritious because of its main ingredients, squash.

Ingredients| Cost| Ingredients| Cost|
Squash| Ᵽ60| Pepper| Ᵽ5|
Bell Pepper| Ᵽ10| Cornstarch| Ᵽ5|
Onion| Ᵽ5| Cayenne| Ᵽ7|
Garlic| Ᵽ5| Chili Powder| Ᵽ8|
Vinegar| Ᵽ7| Paprika| Ᵽ8|
Sugar| Ᵽ13| Salt| Ᵽ5|
Total: Ᵽ138|

Squash Catsup is a new natural product to the society. It is more advantageous to use because it is cheaper compared to the usual catsup found in the market. Squash Catsup will give the manufacturer an idea of making different varieties of foods from natural products. Selling natural products will be advantageous to the manufacturer because consumers will admire their products for its high quality and affordability. And squash catsup will encourage the consumers to use natural products than using commercialized products that contains chemicals. It will also give the consumers alternative condiment in cooking. Consumer can also assure the nutritive value of the product because of its main ingredient.

What makes your business idea innovative?
Squash Catsup was made of squash which was never been introduced in the market. It was a natural product that most of the consumers were looking for. Squash Catsup makes as a protection against cancer. And the main ingredient squash was rich in water that will prevent dehydration.

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