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Structured Cabling Essay Sample

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Structured Cabling Essay Sample

a. Ethernet-5
b. Horizontal-7
c. Ring-4
d. 62.5/125 Fiber-8
e. Star-3
f. 800 square feet-11
g. 150 square feet-10
h. Cat6 UTP-9
i. Token Ring-2
j. Bus-1
k. Plenum-12
l. Backbone-6

Master it:

You are asked to design a network for a company fully occupying a three-story office building using a traditional star network topology. The equipment room, containing the company’s server, is located on the first floor and telecommunications rooms and distributed among each of the floors of the building. The shortest run between the equipment room and the telecommunications rooms is 200 meters. What type of network cable would you use to connect the telecommunications rooms to the equipment room and what type of media would you specify inside the cable? Since you are connecting a telecommunications room to an equipment room, you would use a backbone cable . Since the minimum distance is 200 meters, you would use one of the fiber-optic media instead of copper media since copper is limited to a 90 meter distance.

The company presently has 300 workstations, but they expect to grow to 500 workstations in 1-2 years. Which standard should you reference for the answer and what is the estimate for the minimum size (in square feet) of the equipment room? You should refer to TIA-569-B to determine the minimum size of the equipment room. As Table 5.1 shows, you should size the room to a minimum of 800 square feet. Which of these industry standards provides you with the recommendations you must follow to ensure a properly working network?

A. J-STD-607-A
C. TIA-569-B
d. ANSI/TIA-568-C.1
The answer is C, TIA-569-B

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