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My name is Lok Tsun. I was born in Hong Kong on 21st November, 1993. In this letter, I am writing for your acceptance of my study in Switzerland. It has been a dream for me to study there that I have planned how I am going to achieve my ambition.

The program of hotel management in Switzerland is famous with a great reputation. Many students in different countries are looking for a place in studying hospitality and tourism management there, and so do I. As I am really interested in entering this industry, it is a very important decision for me to study there which is influential to my future career so as my whole life. Personally, I hope I can have an opportunity to become a student of BHMS, Business and Hotel Management School which is a renowned educational institution in Switzerland.

If I had a chance, I would take a Bachelor Degree program which major in hospitality. I am going to take three years to achieve this. Schools in Switzerland would educate students in a more comprehensive and professional way. Therefore, during these three years, I will learn skills related to communication, interpersonal technique etc. (for example, how to communicate and maintain good relationships with my customers.) Moreover, one of the characteristic of the program is Switzerland is that student would have lessons in class for half year and half year placement in hotel. Since experience is essential for all labor, especially in service industry, I will have the advantage than other students.

In order to get a satisfactory result, I will make a study timetable in each semester for revision and have good preparation before lesson. Also, I will form a study group with my classmates and concentrate in class. I will study very hard to strive for a good result in BHMS.

I decided to go back to my home country, Hong Kong, to start my career in the hospitality industry after my graduation. I am confident that I am able to
perform well and success in future as I am well trained in Switzerland.

Lastly, I sincerely ask for your approval of my study at BHMS.I will do my very best to achieve the above missions and I assure that I will not let you down.

I am looking forward to receiving your approval soon and thank you very much.

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