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It is about the two brothers engaged in spear fishing. Litoy is being unfriendly and judgemental in his surroundings but he is a good, loving and caring older brother to Simo. Simo is a pompous type who tries to impress his older brother. At dawn the two brothers left the town and went to the black beach. They were walking unstoppable and it was led by Litoy. And they only stop to examine the goggles because it was been damage by Simo last week. When they reach the breakwater, Litoy tested and confirmed it is usable. Simo is excited to fish because it will be his first time in pier. And he is having a hard time to find a good topic. The topic he talked about his older brother is about Kaltang. It has been the recent legend fish in their town. Even thogh, he already knows about it , still, he keeps asking him about it. When they walk toward the pier head, a stevedore asking a favour to the older brother about having a job and he approached it disinterestedly and angrily. At the old steamboat, they meet Mang Orto and the older brother judge him for having a junk and also to Ninoy the one who repairs it is a lazy person. When they spear fishing, Litoy really look after for his younger brother.

The y got Maya-Maya and a big black Lapu-Lapu and his older brother was proud to Simo. And Litoy wants to go home already but Simo he dive alone because he wants to impress more his older brother. He cut himself by the oyster shells. And his older brother is very worried but he pretend it’s ok and continuously fishing like nothing was happened. And again he was hurt but this time it’s severe because it was an explosion. As Litoy tries to stop the bleeding, he resisted because of his pride. And at the end, as he slowly lost his consciousness, his older brother trying his best to save him and that is what his trying to convey to the stevedore. Critical Analysis:

The story tells us don’t try to impress someone and know your limitation. That in life, problems do occur when we push our self too much. We see the love of the older brother and how much he care. It tells us to be a good sibling. And be friendly people around you and be humble all the time. We will be a good example. Were the younger brother, he always follow his older brother. He follows his brother being proud to himself. We need to be true to who we are for the better and not as a shadow of someone.

The story had great illustration of settings and events but the words used to describe where deep. And you will get the main idea of the story in the end and leaves you a question to what really happen and what could be the ending.

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