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Tardiness of college students Essay Sample

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Tardiness of college students Essay Sample

Tardiness can be broadly defined as missing time over the course of a school day(Ralph Raven 2013).Students showing signs of dullness and their disengagement from school is apparent in actions and words, observed some students come to school appearing exhausted and half asleep, complaining about how early school begins. Students are tardy for a variety of reasons, but being late to class can become a habit that can have a negative effect on their success in school. Schools often establish an attendance policy that includes punishment for multiple tardiness. A firm policy can help schools promote student punctuality and accountability — traits that students can carry with them even after they finish school (Ekstorm, Goertz, and Rock, 1986).

According to the results of the study of the U.S. Department of Education on “truancy”, which is related to tardiness, being present and on time in going to school are big factors on the “success and behavior” of the students (Zeiger, n.d.). His article was all about the different impacts and effects of student tardiness, not just on his academic performance, but also on the behavior and the students’ performance on his/her job when he/she acquires one. He explained that tardiness is indirectly proportional to the students’ GPAs, that is, students who are often late in coming to class have a bigger possibility of having lower GPAs. Respect

Showing up to late to class, especially multiple times, can have the effect of other people losing respect for you. Your teacher and student peers can see that you do not show up on time, which can often imply that you feel a sense of apathy or disregard for your education.

Disciplinary actions are often taken upon students who are tardy to classes. Students may be given a detention for the first couple offenses, but then the discipline may become more severe with a suspension. Students may also lose points towards their final grade in the class if they are late on numerous occasions.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/info_8694652_effects-tardiness-students.html

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