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I appreciate your acknowledgment of my leadership abilities by assigning me to manage a team for the new market segment that you are developing. After reviewing the employee evaluation of the two team members that I will be working with, I have decided to use the democratic and laissez-faire leadership style. The democratic style of leadership involves employees in decision making while delegating authority. The democratic leadership style uses feedback as an opportunity for training the employee. The laissez-faire leadership style lets the employee make decisions and complete the work in whatever way he or she see fit. You have expressed that you would like the new market segment to be in full operating mode in four months. Armed with this knowledge, I have relayed the urgency to develop a pilot seection to my team. We will develop a Pilot part within the next three weeks to test for problems.

To achieve the time schedule given, my team members and I each completed a personality test so that I could determine the different principles that I will apply from the various leadership theories to complete the task. My test results revealed that I exemplified more of the Extraversion trait associated with leadership. Zipporah results from her personality test showed that she is a pioneering, unique, adaptable, and tactical person. With this set of personality traits, I will be able to delegate her authority while engaging her in the decision-making process. The democratic leadership style is exercised with her. Maria-Carmen results revealed that she is skeptical, critical, independent, determined and often stubborn. I will apply the laissez-faire leadership style when dealing with her. This leadership style will allow her to make decisions and complete the tasks assigned to her however she sees fit. With each member of the team working on different aspects of the project, I feel that the time schedule will be met, and the project will be a success. Please let me know if you have any questions


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