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The advantages and disadvantages of English as a global language English become more and more common in our daily life, English movies, novels and science papers are a part of our life. At the same time, English play an important role in national society. 95 of 126 U.N. member countries use English to communication, about a quarter of countries and regions use English as official language or lingua franca. English is becoming to a global language. Everything has two sides, and English as a global language is not an exception. In my opinion, English become to a global language have both advantage and disadvantage. English as a global language is convinced to communicate. Development of economy and political requires a global language. English was apparently appearing at the right time. Since 1945 United Nations, the chief international forum for political communication founded, many international bodies appear, a lingua franca is needed to communication. English has many advantages.

Firstly, English is easy to study, because it has less grammar than other languages. English become the global also facilitate our connecting with English speaking developed country, so that we can get more chances. At the same time, English as a global language can saves a lot of money of translation. Half the budget of an international organization is used in translation costs. One of the disadvantage of English as a global language is linguistic death. According to the research, we can see that the number of languages is keeping decrease, although English is just one of the reasons, it did hasten language’s die out. With English as a global language, more and more culture get impact, and linguistic diversity is in danger. Another disadvantage of English as a global language is the status of language is not equal.

If English become a lingua franca, then, the native speakers benefit a lot; they will have more chance, more time to do their things. The people who do not have English as a mother tongue will take longer to learn English and compared the difference with the mother tongue people, and will as consequence have less time to do other things. It’s hard to say English as a global language has more good than harm or more harm than good. I just think it’s nothing can stop English as a global language and I can’t image what will happen after English achieves a global status . I think now we should make a dialectical thinking; need to learn both English and Chinese, absorb foreign culture and keep our tradition, have enough sense to face English as a global language.

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