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1. In a T­chart, list reasons for United States intervention in the Boxer Rebellion.

Reasons in favor of U.S.
Involvement in the Boxer Rebellion:

Reasons against U.S. involvement in the Boxer

The united state what to gain economic

The united states was going to fight battle power not get into another war. that was not worth the american live

2. Write a powerful and memorable topic sentence for each side of the T­chart — one for why American involvement was necessary and one for why intervention was detrimental.

Topic sentence about why U.S.  involvement was needed in the  Boxer Rebellion:

Topic sentence about why U.S.  involvement in the Boxer Rebellion was a problem:

Help on gain their independence. the boxer rebellion was a problem because a war and the U.S did not what to into another war

3. For each topic sentence, write (in complete sentences) three supporting details from your chart.

Three supporting details about why U.S. involvement was necessary in the Boxer Rebellion:

Three supporting details about why U.S. intervention in the Boxer Rebellion was a problem:

Supporting detail #1:

Supporting detail #1:

Yihetuan Movement was an it was a civil war and the U.S did not anti­imperialist uprising which took have to be there place in China Towards the end of  the Qing dynasty between 1898 and 1900.

Supporting detail #2:

Supporting detail #2: the U.S send 3,125 army troops. 2,500 foreign soldiers die

Supporting detail #3:

Supporting detail #3:

The Boxer Rebellion weakened

At first, the Boxers wanted to the Ch’ing dynasty’s power and destroy the Ch’ing dynasty and hastened the Republican wanted to rid China of all foreign

Revolution of 1911 that overthrew influence. and the U.S did not got the boy emperor and made China out of the rebellion and got more a republic. that help U.S get more involved into china political power in china business influence.

4. Write a few sentences about what you think should have been done about the Boxer Rebellion had the decision been yours. With which side do you agree, and why? This statement could be a compromise, using elements of both sides, now that you have evaluated both.


the Boxer Rebellion was a chinese civil war and there have not be other countries should not have to be involved in this civil war. the Boxer what to destroy the Ch’ing dynasty that was run more than 250 years. it all beginning in 1898, groups of peasants in northern China began to band together into a secret society known as I­ho ch’üan Righteous and Harmonious Fists called the boxers by Western press.

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