The Case of the Unhealthy Hospital Essay Sample

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You have recently been employed as the Director of Informatics for the Metro Hospital in Brisbane. The Metro Hospital is a 363 bed facility on the Northside of Brisbane. The services include general surgical, general medical, oncology, vascular, ear, nose and throat, palliative care, ophthalmology and maternity and children’s services. It has good links with the General Practitioners who fall into the catchment area for the Metro North Medicare Local. Your mandate is to lead the hospital to achieve level 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025. As a Health Informatics Professional, you took the job for this reason as you have always wanted to work in a fully electronic environment. You are certainly driven to achieve it. Assessment TaskUsing the below points, outline how you intend on achieving HIMSS Level by 2025 by completing a formal business report to the Metro North Hospital Board of Directors: * Outline what you would do in your analysis and planning when you first start;

* Articulate your str

ategy and timeframes to reach ‘fully digital’ status; * What technical factors would you need to

consider when building your e-health platform / infrastructure and why are these important? HINT: standards, terminologies? * What systems would you use to support your strategy? * What types of resources would you employ? * How would you govern and manage the project? * What risks do you see? * How does your strategy align with that of Queensland Health and the Commonwealth of Australia? * References to international best practice or sites around the world can be used. However, please ensure they are applicable to the Australian healthcare system. For example, some of the drivers in the US healthcare system are very different to that of Australia.

| Format 0 2500 – 3000 words in length in total. 1 Use a business report format with each topic presented as a section in your report. You need include only one reference list for the entire report. 2 Proper and consistent academic referencing convention both within the text of the assignment and a compiled list of references at the end of the paper must be provided. 3 Please note Griffith University rules on plagiarism checker free online – the responses must be based on the student’s own research and efforts 4 An example report is provided as a guide for students. Marking CriteriaCritical Evaluation and Relevance of Discussion 5 Knowledge and critique based on important ideas, theoretical concepts and research findings. 6 Cohesiveness and quality of analysis and discussion.Organisation, Structure and Written Presentation 7 Clear, logical and evident structure to the organisation and presentation of the discussion in the paper. 8 Demonstrates acceptable standards of written work Use of Literature 9 Quality of and use of supporting literature and references

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