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The Changes of My Childhood and Adulthood Essay Sample

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The Changes of My Childhood and Adulthood Essay Sample

A few days ago, I had reorganized my cupboard and I found a big mysterious box hidden among old broken stuff. The box was full of photo albums and my old diaries. I very enjoyed watching these photos seeing how I have changed. But when I started reading the diaries, the childhood memories abruptly flushed into my mind. I sudden sadly realized that not only my physical appearance had changed but also my mentality, which affects to my personality, cognition, and life style.

As I am growing up, having a good personality is important to make the first impression and for future advantages. Because it shows how well you are educated, makes you are more reliable, and makes other people easily accept you. However, sometimes makes me uncomfortable, for instance, wearing high heel shoes, applying makeup, etc. Unlike before, I used to walked straddle and picked my nose in public. Because I thought that having a good personality was not so important, except if I want to be a superstar or Miss World, which I did not. Also, I did not have to take a long time to prepare myself before went to public.

One major development from my childhood to adulthood is cognition. When I was younger, I liked to think out of the box. I liked to think to do the usual thing in a new way. Like what I wrote in diary, I had baked the pizza made by play dough in microwave to see if I could eat it like the real one. In contrast, I become to think reasonably and cautiously much more than before to make the decision or to solve the problems. Because people expect me to be mature so, I have to think in realistic and care about public sight. Sometimes it can restrain my imagination and creativity.

Another thing affected by growing up is my life style. Usually, I used to spend my weekend by visiting temple, painting, or sleeping all day. Those activities could help me relax and build up my concentration which made me get to know myself better. It was a slow and easy life style. But in present, I have to associate with many people in circles. So, there are challenges both with people and time. Those cause me stresses, people problems, and hurry life. I have no time to do my hobbies or to relax.

In conclusion, being a grownup gives me more chances to meet people in different kind, doing challenging things, and learn more about society. I do not hate to be adult. Both of them have different pros and cons. But if you ask me, I prefer being a child much better. Because being a child, on the other hand, are more relaxing and have chances to do things as you like.

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