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The death of Romeo and Juliet Essay Sample

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The death of Romeo and Juliet Essay Sample

Discuss three characters who are responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths Romeo and Juliet is a young couples play about love and hate . The continual feud between the Montague and Capulet families result in a ongoing conflict and end with the death of Romeo and Juliet . William Shakespeare closely tangles the play so every character and event plays an important role in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Is love really that worth “for never was a story more woe than Romeo and Juliet ” and who really is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet .

Lord and lady Capulet along with Friar Lawrence and Tybalt are responsible for the death of the lovers To begin lord and lady Capulet are responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death because they are unsupportive ,uptight and uncaring the Capulet’s want to disown Juliet when she made the decision of not marrying Paris . For example “Hang thee young baggage ! disobedient wretch… blest that god had lent us this only child but now I see this one is one too much ” (3:5:160-165) . The significance of this Quote is how Juliet’s parent’s treat her own decision

and the amount of pressure they put on her about marrying Paris . Another example would be when Juliet’s mother stated “Talk not to me ,for ill say a word /do as thou wilt for I have done with thee (3:5:211-212) . The words that the lady Capulet said are just horribly good /it really expressed how she is such an irresponsible mother Because she said “for I have done with thee… ” which means she is done with this situation and quit the argument . Lady Capulet is not a good mother she does not support Juliet and strongly believes the idea of arranged marriage .

This makes Juliet extremely unhappy and gives her further reason to be disobedient as a result she consults Friar Lawrence . If lady and lord Capulet support Juliet a little more and open to her and try to talk the situation out it would help and wouldn’t lead to Juliet getting the poison from friar . Secondly Friar Lawrence is to blame because he is lazy and irresponsible. Firstly he started the problem by getting Romeo and Juliet married in the first place even though he knew that would create a problem . For example when Romeo and Juliet were in the church Friar stated “for by

your leaves you shall not stay alone /Till holy church incorporate two in one (2:6:36-37). Friar Lawrence also gave poison to Juliet and Trusted someone else to deliver the letter to Romeo this example illustrates how Friar Lawrence handles the whole plan without maturity he also trust’s someone else to send the letter of great importance to Romeo he also knows that Romeo and Juliet are making a bad decision but he still support’s them . Friar Lawrence’s scheme is not well planned and is perhaps too sophisticated for the young lovers.

Juliet blindly places her faith in Friar . Friar states that Romeo and Juliet should get married because “this alliance may so happy prove to turn your household’s rancour to pure love ” (2:3:97-99) even though he knows his plan is dangerous and has disastrous consequences This makes Friar Lawrence someone who is also a part of the death of Romeo and Juliet because he gets them married and starts the problem in the first place. lastly Tybalt is of course is to blame for the death of the lovers . Tybalt is heavily involved

in the build-up up to the tragedy in Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare portrays him as a villainous character who is the cause of several deaths and misfortune. Tybalt is short tempered ,hot headed an irrational which are all personality traits that led to the death . To begin Tybalt has an urge to Romeo for no reason. At the ball for example “this by his voice should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier boy what dares the slave come hither ,cover with anti face to fleer and scorn at out solemnity ? now by the stock and honour of my kin to strike him dead”(1:5:56-61)

This argument clearly shows how Tybalt hates Romeo just because he is a Montague and he thinks all Montague’s are villains and they want to fight him such as when Tybalt confronts Romeo and calls him “thou art a villain” (3:1:32) . This scene shows how insulting Tybalt is and how quick Tybalt is to starts fights Tybalt causes tragedy as he encourages a brawl by inviting Romeo to ‘turn and draw’ . If Tybalt was not a hot head Romeo would not murder Tybalt and he would not get banished and that would not lead to a whole new problem with Juliet and Romeo’s secret marriage .

Overall Tybalt’s ruthlessness and sense of family royalty suggest that he is indeed to blame for this tragedy Therefore as results show everyone has an important part to play in the death of the star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. The Capulet’s and Friar Lawrence with Tybalt are all cause’s for the death of Romeo and Juliet they were all impulsive ,hot headed and all ruined the marriage of Romeo and Juliet in a way . In conclusion Capulet’s ,friar Lawrence and Tybalt were all reason’s that lead to this tragic outcome you what they say what comes must go.

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“Romeo and Juliet Quotes by William Shakespeare.” By William Shakespeare, www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/3349450-an-excellent-conceited-tragedie-of-romeo-and-juliet.
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