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The Effects of Mobile Phones to the Education Essay Sample

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The Effects of Mobile Phones to the Education Essay Sample

The mobile phone was not made on our society, it has made a crater. This technology has not just changed our daily lives, it has also many aspects of our culture. In our generation, mobile phones are still alive and popular around the world because in every year, there are new versions of mobile phones which is not just for communication but it is more on applications and it has a similarities in computer. Everyone has a mobile phone, especially the students, because it become necessary part of their everyday life. Between calling, texting, taking pictures, emailing, updating, social networks and surfing the web, mobile phones now have become more than just a way to call a friend and they have almost a required part of their wardrobe. Because they become prevalent, there was bound to be a point where people would feel mobile phones are problem especially to the academic performace of students.

Almost students, now a days, brought a cell phone to the school, especially the public schools, but it would not be much of a problem because it is usually used during lunch, breaks, right before and after class and during class when it seems safe to use. Cell phones make students connected. With mobile phones, parents will be less worried since they can easily check on their children and students can easily call for their parents in times of emergency. Cell phones encourage collaborative learning. Students can share notes and reminders faster and easier with mobile devices. Cell phones can be used as memory aids. Students can document their lessons by taking pictures and/or videos to enhance retention. With smart phones, learning can also be more interactive and fun. Cell phones can be used as paper or pencil. Students can use their phones for taking down notes and even for saving reminders. But the best idea is the students should not be permitted to utilize cellphones during school hours and during both inside and outside a classroom.

The story behind this study, the cell phones pose as distraction to students, with cellphone. Students with cellphones are usually trying to text to their friends while hiding the phone behind the teacher’s back. Committing such actions can interfere with the students education, plus, it waste the teacher’s time of instructing a lesson if the students discovering texting. Also, another way that it can waste a teacher and his students’ time is a students cellphone ringing in the middle of class. When that happens, the teacher will try to get the student to hand over the phone, in which the student will refuse to reveil theirself and hand over their phone, thus wasting time. Suprisingly, some students never realize that any kind of distraction caused by a cellphone can be annoyance to anyone, especially the teacher. Then, the students are capable of using their phones to cheat on tests. One of the ways that is done by texting friends to share their answers.

To play it safe, students go on the internet on their cellphones in order to look up the information to get a more accurate answer. Not only this is wrong, but it can hurt the student and make them face the sequences. If the student is caught, they will be considered academically dishonest and can result with the student receiving limited options. Students may not be ready in life, due to fact that the student never fully understood or mastered the information since they cheated their way through school. This can be used in bullying. Students can take a video or picture of their teachers and/or classmates that can be dehumanizing. This can be detrimental to school safety. It can cause chaos during bomb or threats because of the parents’ rushing to the school. Also, this can be health hazard because constant exposure to the radiation emmitted by mobile phones may be bad for the students.  The reason why the researchers conducted this study to find out the effects of mobile phones in the academic perfomance of students.

Statement of Problem
This study aimed to determine the effects of mobile phones among fourth year highschool students of Makilala National Higschool (MNHS)- Makilala 2014-2015. Specifically it sought to answer the following questions: 1. Can a cellphone affect the behavior of the students?

2. What is the effect between the teacher and the students who are using cellphones during class hours? 3. Is there an affect of using cellphone in the academic performance of fourth year students?

Ho1There is an affect of using cellphone in the academic performance of fourth year students.

Significance of the Study
The significance of this study aim’s to give preventions in bringing cellphones in school in order to have’nt an any kind of distractions during school hours. This study aim’s to help the students to realize that cellphone can cause of distraction in their studies and it can be annoyance to anyone. This study try to show what would be the impact of cellphones to the academic performance of students. The specific thing that this study wants to achieve is to give the students a lot of information about the effects of mobile phone in their academic performance, to convinced them not to be tempt from over using of cellphone because it has a big impact in their behavior and to help them to realize that cell phone can cause of great problem, mostly in their academic performance. The person may benefit from this study is the fourth year students from the public schools.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
The investigations was conducted to determine the effects of mobile phones in the highschool of Makilala National Highschool as perceived by the and students in all classes during the school year 2014-2015. The aspects looked into the students performance during class hours with their cellphones.

Definition of Terms
To understand the study the following terms are defined:
Mobile phones/Cell phones/Smart phones – gadgets; This is the main problem in this study. Collaborative learning – it is sharing of notes and reminders through mobile phones. Memory aids – it is making a document through taking pictures and/or videos. Annoyance – the outcome of this is distraction.

Limited options – this is the outcome of the academically dishonest of the students. Dehumanizing – it is the expression of the students that was bully through taking pictures and/or videos. Detrimental – it can caused chaos.Health hazard – it is constant exposure to the radiation.

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