The Effects of Text Message in the Psychosocial Development Essay Sample

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Nowadays, the world is molded with many modern technologies just like the widespread use of cell phone, computer, television and other breakthroughs of technology. The messages are transferred in a faster and easier way through texting. The text messaging menstruation is now widespread throughout the world. All age, gender and status in society is exposed in this way through cell phone message. Part of every human life, especially the professionals,

the professionals, we cannot deny the fact the great influence in the creation of this text message in humankind.

Text messaging or Short Messaging Service is a short form of sending messages in text form using mobile phones. It can send up to 160 characters or fewer; newer phones can hold up to 20 pages of 160 characters. Text messaging is the cell phone phenomenon that is changing the way people communicate through cell phones. T-Mobile sales representative in El Paso, Chris Yakubovsky, reports that well over 60 percent of all their cell phone communication is now being done via text messaging. He said that text-messaging plans are among the highest selling and most demanding of all the plans the phone company offers on a national basis.

The word text was derived from French word “texte” and the Latin language “Textus” refers to tissue, structure and context of an object. While its verb forms “textere” means knit, arch or form. In technical terms we use Textus and texte, it refers to the contents of any printed form and delegate any written or oral beings (Raymundo 2003). in spite of the prosperity it brings texting has negative effect especially the spelling of academic words, Filipino or English, for the reason that they shorten the words eventually get used to it and do even the actual field of study. The students are greatly affected with this dilemma. The former Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) Secretary Raul Roco said in an interview that he did not want and effects of “Shortcut” of the words used in text messages.

He also said that although DECS has no official studies in the particular case but it may cause fall down of a student with simple lessons like spelling and grammar in English subject and the style of the words used in texting. Former secretary added that students in order to avoid hustle and to limit the message space, for the word ‘for’ they used ‘4’ instead just to save. Students may get used to it especially in grammar and have difficulty in English because they continuously keep on using mobile phones. The teacher should strictly train and monitor their students on the spelling and grammar because they get used to the words in text messaging (Garcia 2001). Notwithstanding the prosperity it brings Psychology major Dania Diaz said that text messaging can be negative, “text messaging is dangerous, not only does it ruin social interaction between humans, writing skills and expression. Everything becomes so impersonal and simple.”

The continues increase of the people who depend on texting to transfer information tend to disregard that their personal involvement with others is affected instead of delivering the message in complete sentences, they clip which disregard the rules of grammar Filipino. Instead of “Maglalaro tayo?” Is cut short into this “Laro tau?” So there is a misunderstanding because the purpose of text messaging is to deliver the message faster, losing the time a “texter” to think more consistent and meaningful words. This includes forgetting writing their own language, Filipino. Filipino words are often longer than English therefore cell phone users frequently used English words or the combination of both. Filipino words are often longer than English words therefore cell phone users frequently use English words. You can see here that the pace of “texting”, limiting the vocabulary used for repeatedly using simple words and short and other words are being taken for granted (Esperanza 2007) In the context of language, any error by grammar and orthography may be correct in the future if it will be widely accepted (Pinoy Weekly 2009). The reason for this study is the correction of not delivering appropriate messages to text messages through the contraction of the words. Another reason is to expose the student might result in their study.

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