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The Empire State Building Essay Sample

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The Empire State Building Essay Sample

The name Empire State Building is de derived form de nickname of New York, “The Empire State”. The Empire State Building It is located on the intersection of Fifth Avenue an 34th street in Manhattan, New York, its was the tallest building in the world with a height of 1454 ft. (442 m.) for 40 years from it completion in 1931 until 1972, date when the first tower of The World Trade Center was completed,

The building has two observatories, one on the 86th floor, and other on the 102nd floor, the first one is biggest than the second because this have an indoor observatory and an outdoor observatory.

The Empire State Building added in 1964 footlights to illuminated the top of the building at night whit different colors chosen to match to seasonal and others events.

When you are on the base you can feel the imposing structure of this building, whit an spectacular architecture. When you get to the inside you can see an art deco design. An spectacular lobby receive you with cleans marble finishes, bigger aluminum doors, highly roof, shiny, long floor, and this it only the begins. When you arrived to the first observatory you can feel the history behind the construction of this, a beautiful design in aluminum, bigger panoramic aluminum windows to improve the finishes of this observatory, however this not finished here. When you go to outside at the outdoor observatory, you can appreciate the magnificent of it, whit a 360 grades of view of New York City, an spectacular view that you never forget. You can enjoy on different moments of the day or night because the observatory is open at 2am so you can see a beautiful and romantic sunset, a detailer day view or a amazing view of a vibrantly night lights of the how Frank Sinatra called in his famous song New York, New York “the city than never sleep”. For this a so many more reasons when you come to New York you have to visit The Empire State Building.

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