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The Flying Car: an Invention That Will Revolutionize the World Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The flying car is both a mysterious and futuristic invention. When I first hear the words, “flying car” I think of the magical world of “Harry Potter”, or even the classic “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” which starred in 1968. The flying car has been dreamt by millions, for years and years; but not one person has been able to combine the great features of today’s modern plane and automobile and combine them into one. The first automobile was designed and erected by a noble and clever man named Karl Benz. He and his company designed the first four wheeled automobile. The invention of the four wheeled car revolutionized the world and made everyone’s lives MUCH easier.

This invention which was first constructed in 1885, and is still used to this very day. Modern technology has made traveling much faster and easier with the addition of roads, highways and freeways; But now there are many issues with our contemporary day cars. Accidents, traffic jams, and pollution has forced many drivers off the road, in praying hope for a solution. The front-runner for this campaign has been the so-called “flying car”, and rumors are spreading on whether a flying car is in existence. If the was a flying car in existence, it would take years and years to send it into production and to reproduce them.

="text-align: justify;">The addition of the flying car would have many pros to its arrival. 1. Lower

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amount of cars on the road, and more in the air would help promote faster traffic times that would limit the amount of traffic during rush-hour and other hectic times of the day. 2. There would be fewer accidents with fewer cars on the road, but there would still be accidents occurring. 3. The safety of pedestrians and children would be much higher with people traveling by air. Less cars on the roads means more people walking and feeling safe. 4. Emergency response teams such as fire fighters and ambulances would be able to quickly get to their destination, rather than speeding: risking the lives of people in the streets and themselves.

Although a flying car may seem like a very pleasant, innovative invention, there are various cons, which outweigh the pros. 1. Pollution would still be a large factor, especially if “flying cars” are set to run on gasoline. 2. Accidents would still be frequent among drivers in the air and on roads, as there won’t only be one person with a “flying car”

3. There is still no way to prevent DWI, either on roads or in the air, which is an invention many people are looking forward to in the coming years. 4. If a flying car were to malfunction, it could harm drivers on the road if it happened to fall from the sky, and it would also endanger people ubiquitously. 5. And to our dismay, the price on flying cars would be so drastically high, that not very many people would be able to afford them. 6. Plane and car accidents would occur if they accidently collide in mid-air, or they fly on the same level in the air.

The “flying car” may be seen as an invention to come, and others think it will be; we hope that these many problems will be solved, making at least one part of our daily life, safe and secure. If the flying car were to be invented today, the price would be outrageous, and many of the same dilemmas we face today as citizens of the world, would still be in existence, on land or in the air.

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