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‘The Godfather’ Essay Sample

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‘The Godfather’ Essay Sample

The film is about a man who seems to have a lot of power over society and is recognised by almost everybody. He is a rich businessman who had a large family and was known as a higher classed citizen. We know that the godfather and his family are foreign because they look Italian also because the godfather has a slight Italian accent. The wedding outfits and colours of the decorations around the house also indicate to us that the family are most probably Italian. In the first scene of the film a character named ‘Bonesera’ is introduced to us. He is talking directly to the camera.

The scene is set in an office which looks as if its part of a family home. He is surrounded by complete darkness, with some slight light shining on his face. This makes him stand out and visible to the audience. The camera starts off zoomed in and close up on ‘Bonesera’. Being zoomed-in on makes him the centre of the audience’s attention, and makes them have to concentrate and focus on his long opening speech. We realise after his opening speech that ‘Bonesera’ is sharing a problem; therefore he must be talking to someone. This is dramatic irony and makes the audience aware of his problem.

At this point the camera slowly zooms out from a medium shot to a long shot. This leads to show the back of another person. This bit of camerawork creates suspense to who the two people are. The scene being set in pitch-blackness with the two men creates a gangster theme and leads us to relate it to the ‘mafia’. The dull and gloomy atmosphere instantly captures the audience’s attention and leads them to become more interested in the film. The way the camera only shows the back of the second person is also a technique, which creates suspicion in the audiences mind.

There is then a main shot of ‘The Godfather’ standing by a window hidden in what seems to be a wooden blind. The wooden blind looks antique and shows that the owners of the house must be wealthy. The lighting in this medium shot is very bright but there is not a lot of it. It appears from behind ‘the godfather’ and shows of his importance and leadership. He looks like some sort of God that everybody looks up to. This first glimpse is very important as it provides an initial image of ‘The Godfather’ for the audience. It is also a major factor in gaining the audiences interest for the rest of the film.

The Godfather’ is portrayed to be a mardy and grumpy old man. ‘The Godfather’ has a red rose on his suit whereas all other characters that have been introduced have white roses. The red rose represents ‘the don’ as the leader and the white roses show that these men are also important like heirs to the thrown but not as important as the leader or king himself. A way that we know these characters are old fashioned is when Bonesera says ‘She found a boyfriend; not an Italian’. This emphasises the fact that the boyfriend is not Italian, which indicates that he would prefer it if he was Italian.

This again shows that he is old fashioned and also shows that they are a foreign family. ‘Bonesera’ talks about believing in America and uses the country to back himself up when ‘The Godfather’ asks why he didn’t come sooner. ‘Bonesera’ does this because he Knows how much the country means to ‘The Godfather’ and try’s to use the country as an excuse because he knows how much it means to ‘The Godfather’. When ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Bonesera’ are having this conversation, the camera moves from one face to the other as each character is saying his piece. This is done in quick snappy shots creating effect.

Bonesera’s long answers to the short sharp questions asked by the godfather show that he is insecure and in confidant. The smart questions that the godfather asks him show his confidence and how much he believes in himself. At this point the camera is at a long shot and shows the accessories around the room; dim lamps, bookcases, redwood desks and furniture. Pictures with antique frames etc. all of these products show wealth and upper class. At the end of this long conversation full of questions, answers and meaningful speeches, bonesera try’s to blackmail the godfather who doesn’t look too thrilled by the offer.

This causes him to stand up in aggravation and be sarcastic in a scary tone of voice. From the beginning of the film to this very point there has been a gloomy, suspicious atmosphere in the office with very little light but as the door closes after ‘bone sera’ leaves, there is a sudden boost of music and dance on a summers day in a big, beautiful garden. This is the garden of the very same house that the previous scene was set in but reveals that what looks like an ideal world is not always what it appears to be.

This is another part of the film where dramatic irony is used as the audience know of the situation but the family members of this big generation have no idea. This makes the audience jump and once again captures their full interest, after such a shadowy, gloomy scene. This is another part of the film where dramatic irony is used as the audience know of the situation but the family members of this big generation have no idea. The family has gathered for the event of ‘The Godfather’s’ daughters wedding.

Michael, Don Vito’s youngest son and a second world war hero, is back home in the company of a new girlfriend. The two older boys, Sonny and Fredo, are there as well, along with their adopted brother, Tom Hagen; the don’s right-hand man. At the beginning of the scene a classic, traditional family photograph is taken of the immediate family. We realise that Michael, the brother of the bride isn’t there and leads to suspense. We are then introduced to the rest of the family and parallel editing is used. The camera goes from the wedding to car park, wedding to car park and repeats itself a few times.

The lighting goes from light to shade and the sound goes from jumbled conversation and music to distant laughter and music. The audience then realise that figures wondering in the car park are dressed in FBI uniform and are jotting notes on pads. Michael, the oldest brother realises this and try’s to be his father and try’s to scare them off, but it doesn’t work. We, the audience again get an automatic image of what Michael is like; short tempered, wants to belike his father. This is very unexpected as violence and crime appears even in such a happy and jolly atmosphere.

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