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The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

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The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

1. Fitzgerald’s use of a flashback is more effective than chronological order because it made Gatsby a mystery at the beginning of the book, until now, about half way through.

2. As Dan Cody’s assistant, Gatsby was employed under the title’s of steward, mate, skipper, secretary, and sailor. Cody had a tendency to drink a lot and knew what kinds of things he did when he was drunk, so therefore put more and more trust in Gatsby. He had come to be this employee when one day he met Cody while he was looking up at his boat. When Cody asked his name he responded with “Jay Gatsby” instead of “James Gatz”, his given name. Cody instantly liked Gatsby and took him aboard.

3. One Sunday, Tom Buchanan, Mr. Sloane, and a pretty woman stop in at Gatsby’s. the reason for the visit is most likely the fact that Tom wants to see what kind of person Gatsby is. He’s perturbed that Daisy’s been running around on her own, seeing Gatsby.

4. During their meeting, Gatsby acts quite differently. Tom is gruff, as usual, while speaking to Gatsby. Gatsby however, almost aggressive during the conversation, very unlike his usual easygoingness and will of playing host.

5. When Gatsby first kisses Daisy, he knows that his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. When they kissed, she blossomed for him like a flower and the carnation was complete.


1. Laudable- Commendable; praiseworthy 2. Insidious- Spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealth manner; treacherous.

3. Meretricious- Superficially attractive 4. Ineffable- Beyond expression; indescribable.

5. Turgid- Excessively ornate in style 6. Substantiality- not imaginary; true; real 7. Antecedents- One’s ancestor’s; ancestry or past life.

8. Ingratiate- To bring oneself deliberately into the good graces.

9. Septic- Rotten 10. Euphemisms- The substitution of an inoffensive term for one considered offensively explicit.

11. Dilatory- intended to cause delay; characterized by a tendency to postpone or delay.


– Gatsby’s past is revealed – Nick speaks about running around NYC with Jordan – Tom, Mr. Sloane, and a woman stop by while Nick’s there – The woman invites them over for dinner, however, they leave before Gatsby has time to get ready – Tom and Daisy come to Gatsby’s next – We find out what happened between Daisy and Gatsby five years ago

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