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I cannot tell you how glad I was to get your long and charming letter. I have read it through several times with pleasure. My friend, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I just could not write to you earlier. Hope you’ll kindly excuse me.

My friend, as I was stating, things here hasn’t been well since the beginning of the year due to political unrest. Honestly, we could barely go to school on the first quarter of the year due to the blockades and strikes by some political parties. Although these days such blockades and strikes means little, yet due to the heinous violence that is spread, makes people afraid of going outdoors unless it’s a must. The demonstrators often torch buses and other vehicles and kill people through which they believe they will make the government accept their demand. I wonder how dumb and immoral one has to be to act like that.

Our country may have a lot of limitations in terms of its resources, yet, despite all these, we are one of the fastest emerging economy of the world. Our GDP growth averages well above 6% for several years now. However, the development of our country would have thrived even better if it wasn’t hindered by our huge population in such a small country which makes us world’s most densely populated country, the food shortage, power shortage, mass unemployment, lack of formal education, and now the refugees flooding from neighboring Myanmar, not to speak of corruption and most importantly natural calamities.

You were born and brought up in Canada. A nation so peaceful and beautiful, you have no idea what it is like to be in such state. I’m sure my beloved country will prevail all these impediment some day and we will be as successful as any other developed and peaceful nation.

Please do convey my regards to your Mummy, Daddy and all the other members of the family. Hope to hear from you very soon.

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