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The Hunger Games Essay Sample

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The Hunger Games Essay Sample

The games are over, katniss and peeta won and they are now living in district 12 in the victory village. The book began when katniss is in the woods, hunting. When she comes back home, she find out that president snow is waiting for her in the house. When they talk president snow tell her that he has a problem, when she pulled out the poisonous berries in the arena, and they still let her and peeta win, some of the people on the districts thought that she done a protest against the capitol and got away with it, that she defy the capitol. The president hints that it can cause even uprising in the districts. And then he tells her that in the victory tour she has to convince everyone that she is madly in love with peeta and that’s why she pulled out the barriers. Snow threats her that he will hurt her love one if she won’t success her mission. Katniss decides to tell haymitch about president snow’s threat. She tells him when they are on the train to district 11, the first stop in the victory tour, a tour that the victor travels to all the districts for speeches and then the last stop is a big party at the capitol. Haymitch tells her that she can’t fail, and peeta and she will have to continue this act their whole life.

– When I read this part I was shocked that the president comes to her house. And then I was terrified for katniss because of the threat president snow gave her, and I thought how she could be As much as possible convincing that she is in love, it’s really hard thing to do. Also, I thought that finally maybe there is going to be an uprising against this horrible and dictatorial government.

Pages 50-100: the victory tour

When they arrive to district 11, they appear on a stage, and after the mayor speech peeta started to talk. It’s hard for katniss to see rue’s family, the 12 years old tribute who died in the arena and was katniss’s ally and friend. In his speech peeta decide not to read from the scripted card. Just when they need to get off the stage katniss decided to talk. She talked about rue and about how she didn’t deserve to die. After she finishes to talk an old man starts to whistle rue’s mockinjay tune and than all the crowed raise 3 fingers to her, katniss realizes that this gesture may become a revolution gesture, and instead of convincing everyone she just makes things worse. Before the peacekeepers dragging them inside, they see a peacekeeper shoots the old man who started whistle.

When they inside the building haymitch takes them fast to a safe place to talked, and there katniss tells peeta about her conversion with president snow. Peeta was very angry that she told him just know, but when they keep talking they decided to do everything to convince everybody. The victory tour continue and they go to all the districts, read from the cards and act in love. In the end of the tour they go to a big party in the capitol and then the finale is in the victor’s district- district 12. In district 12 they have dinner at the mayor house. When katniss walked in the hallway she see from an open door a TV that show that there is an uprising in district 8.

– This part show how horrible the authority in this country are, they kills a man that his only crime is singing. In the end peeta and katniss giving up to president snow and play by his rules. But we found out that despite all they done they fail- the uprising is happening in district 8 and maybe in more district, meaning katniss failed her mission that president snow gave her.

Pages 100-150

after a couple days, when katniss returns to her life in district 12. She and gale meet in the woods. There, she tells him everything, that he is in danger too, and how what president snow warn her about is happening- an uprisings in the districts. Gale suggest to run away and katniss agree with him, but they start to fight when katniss say that haymitch and peeta have to come too. in the end gale tells her that he want to stay and fight and not run away and then he left her in the woods and go away angry. when she come out from the woods she hear a sound, she starts to run until she is the square, there she see a peacekeeper whipping gale because he caught him with his game that he hunt illegally. katniss immediately run to him and protect his body, and she got whip by the peacekeeper in her cheek she is preparing for another whip when haymitch comes and stop the peacekeeper, he tells him that she is the victor and the capitol will be mad if he hurt her, peeta also comes to her protection and the peacekeeper let them go with a warning. They take gale to katniss’s mom, who is a doctor. She takes care of him. They all come to the conclusion that there is a new head peacekeeper. When he wake up katniss tell him that they won’t run, they will stay and fight

-when I read this part I felt sorry for gale because he also feel that katniss betrayed him and then he got whipt very badly. Also I understand that they have increased the security in the district and maybe in all of them because of the uprising.

Pages 150-200: katniss’s meeting in the woods

The new head peacekeeper change thing in town- in the big square they put machine guns, whipping spot, several stockades and gallows. More peacekeepers have come and they burn the hob- the black market of the district. The mines (most of the men in the district work place) have been shut down and by the time most of district 12 was starving. Katniss decided to go to the woods to clear her head. When she walked in the woods she notice that there are people in the hut. Just when katniss is about to shoot the woman she sea with the peacekeeper uniform, the woman pulls out a pin with a mockinjay on it. When katniss asks what that means, other woman comes and says that it’s mean that they are on her side. The 2 woman tell katniss about how they ran away from district 8 and stole the uniforms from the factory in there district. And then they explain her that the mockinjay is the symbol of the revulsion and that they are going to district 13.

Katniss doesn’t understand because district 13 was blown off by the capitol 75 years ago. The women tell her that they believe that the capitol lie to everyone and there are people who lives underground there. When she leaves them and comes to the fence of the district, she finds out that the fence is alive with electricity, like it never does. Katniss decides to jump over the fence from a tree. When she jumps over the fence she suspects she has broken her leg but she try to hide her limp and to go home. Katniss is shocked when she arrives home and see 2 peacekeepers in her house. Her mother say that they wait for her hours. They look shocked when she entered home. They ask her where she was and when she lie to them they tell her that the head peacekeeper have a massage to her- that the fence surrounding the district will now have electricity. When they left her mom take care of her injured leg.

-when I read this part first I was shocked that there is a chance that there are people in district 13 because during all the books they kept telling that there is nothing in district 3. And after that I was scared for katniss because it seems like there is no way that she can pass the fence. It’s obvious that the head peacekeeper did it on purpose, he knew she will go to the woods.

Pages 200-250: the reaping day

this year is the 75 anniversary of the hunger games, that means it’s the third quarter quell- in those years the hunger game have some twist in it. The day when they announce this year twist has come. Katniss watch the TV with her family when they say that in this year the tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors. Slowly katniss understand what that means- because district 12 has only one female victor, it means that she is going back into the arena. The first thing she does is running outside and scream. After an hour she goes to hatmitch’s house and tells him that they have to save peeta. Haymitch tells her that peeta was here before and bagged him to let him go and to save katniss. They both agree that this time they owe peeta that they will save him this time. Peeta is planning on saving katniss and haymitch, when katniss and haymitch are planning to save him. In the reaping day, katniss, the only woman victor, is chosen and haymitch, that peeta immediately volunteers to take his place. The head peacekeeper tells them that there is a new procedure and they taken immediately to train, without saying goodbyes. On the train, katniss decides to let her love ones go, and focus on saving peeta.

– when I read this part, I felt angry because I think its obvious that the capitol do it on purpose- they wanted katniss to go back to the arena, to destroy the little hope that people have- the victors. I think it’s very cruel, even for the capitol. I think it’s very tragic that peeta is planning to save katniss and katniss planning on saving him. Haymitch thinks that he owe it for peeta to save him this time because in the last game he focus on saving katniss, the thought that peeta didn’t has a chance.

Pages 250-300: the preparing before the game

on the arrangement to the opening ceremony all katniss’s prep-team are very emotional. Katniss realize that the people on the capitol are unhappy about the victors having to fight again. Before the opening ceremonies katniss meets finnick, a victor from district 4, a beautiful, tall guy and loved by the capitol. The next day haymitch tell them that in the training they need to make some friend and allies, so in the training katniss is trying to talk with the other victors. After the training haymitch talks with katniss and tells her that at least half the victors want her as ally, that because they saw her shooting arrows. But katniss says that she wants magss, a nice old lady and wiress and beetee, two weird and very smart victors from district 3. the final day of training ends with private session, each tribute get 15 minutes before the gamemakers to amaze them with there’s skills.in katniss’s session she decides to upset them, she hang a target dummy from the wall around his neck, and write on him “seneca crane”- the name of the former head gamemaker that the president killed in the end of the last hunger games, when he let katniss ant peeta to win. The dummy surprise all the gamemakers.

The next day they have the televised interview. In all the victors’s interview they protest against the quell. In the end of katniss interview she begin to twirl in her white, like a wedding dress, like cinna (her stylist) told her to do. As she spinning her dress starts to burn, and to become a black dress. When she raises her hands and they look like wings she understands that cinna made her look like a mockinjay. In peeta’s interview he lies and says that katniss is pregnant. All the crowd starts to yell and rage, no one can ignore that news. In the end all the victors hold their hands together.

– I love to read this part because it shows that everyone is unhappy with this year hanger games. Even the most capitol-loving, games-hungry, bloodthirsty people in the capitol can’t ignore that it isn’t fare for the victors to go again to the arena. Even more now that they think that katniss is pregnant. also, when katniss ”becomes” a mockinjay, her stylist cinna show a protest against the capitol, the people on the district that see on the TV katniss look like a mockinjay, they know that katniss is on their side and they keep fighting.

Pages 300-350: the first day on the arena

the last thing haymitch tells katniss before she goes into the arena is ‘remember who the enemy is’. Katniss and peeta taken to the arena. When the game starts, katniss realizes that they surrounded in water, when she hear the gong that means that the game begin, katniss starts to swim to the cornucopia (where all the supplies are) that is in the middle of the circle of tributes in an island. In the cornucopia katniss sees finnick, which says to her that they are allies, and show her the bangle on his wrist. Katniss knew that this is haymitch’s bangle and that he gave finnick it as a signal to trust finnick. Together they fight the tributes that come to the cornucopia and finnick also take peeta to them, because peeta doesn’t know how to swim. With mags, the old lady and a friend of finnick, they swim out of the sea and go into the jungle. In the jungle they climb and when they take a break katniss see that there is a lot of dead bodies in the sea and the cornucopia.

Katniss realize that even tho all the tributes knew each other, they show no mercy in the arena. She remember that her entention is to save peeta and that she must kill finnick eventioanly. They keep walking in the jungle when suddenly peeta, who is walking first, touch the unseen force field. Peeta flung back from the force field and he looks dead, he isn’t breathing. Finnick Respirator him until he wake up. Katniss is very emotional, she hugs peeta and she realize that now she will always owes finnick, meaning she can’t kill him. They keep walking, more slowly for peeta, near the force field. Katniss is climbing on a tree to have a better look on the arena, and she find out that the arena is in a shape of a perfect circle with a perfect wheel of water in the middle. She can’t see any source of water and they are very thirsty already. They make a camp and go to sleep.

– When I read this part it annoys me that after all the protest against this game by all the victors and the united appearance, in the arena they don’t have a problem to kill each other. Also I felt scared for peeta, when his heart stop beating and they thought he was dead. I didn’t understand what agenda does finnick have to save peeta, he could just let him die, that way his odds to win are higher, but he save him and because of that I like him.

Pages 350-400: in the arena

they all very thirsty, and they suffers from dehydration. Suddenly a silver parachute fall from the sky, it was a small metal object. They didn’t knew what it is or what it does but they knew that their mentors sent it to them. Finally, katniss get what this thing is, a spile- you stuck it in a tree and water comes out. They do it and its works, they don’t thirsty anymore. The night come and they go to sleep. Katniss is take the first turn to watch over. Suddenly katniss see a fog come to their direction, katniss realize that it isnt a natural fog and when he touch her skin it hurts. Katniss quickly wake them up and they starts running. Finnick takes mags on his back and runs, peeta tries at first to run but he is very slow and he is in pains. Katniss slow down and helps him. When the fog touch their skin it burns and hurts them. Finnick comes back to help them, he takes peeta on his back and katniss takes mags. Katniss is trying to run with mags on her back but eventually she falls. The next thing that happening is fast, mags give finnick a kiss and runs into the fog and slowly dies. They can’t wait, they keep running until they see that the fog just stopped. They walk until they are near the sea that surrounded the cornucopia.

When they come into the water, the water heals there wounds. When they come out of the water they notice a group of big monkeys that starting to attack them, everyone is fighting with the mutations, katniss with her arrows, finnick with his spear and peeta with his knife. Katniss run out of arrows when a monkey lunges out of a tree for peeta’s chest, katniss starts to run but the woman from district 6 come before her and protect peeta with her body, and the monkey fangs into her chest. Suddenly the monkeys just disappear and the woman dies from her wounds. They don’t know why she sacrificed her life for peeta. They make a camp near the sea and they all make fun, and katniss starts to think that finnick isn’t that bad. All of a sudden they see 3 people come to their direction, they were Johanna, beetee and wiress covered in blood. Johanna tells them that they were in the jungle when suddenly a rain of blood began, and they ran to the beach.

All this time that they are talking, wiress is circling around and says “tick tock” non-stop. Johanna says that haymitch said that they could be allies if she will bring beetee and wiress to her. When a lightning hits the same tree the second time, and right after a wave of water comes again, katniss understand what wiress means when she said “tick tock”, the arena is a clock, each hour begins a new horror, and ends the previous, in every section of the arena. Lightning, blood rain, fog, monkey and wave are the hours they know what happening. Katniss tells this information to everyone.

– when I read this part I thought that katniss is very clever and smart, she discover what the object they got do and also she understand what wiress Sayed. Also, I thought that the gamemakers are very clever with the way they built the arena, but very cruel too.


all the group go to the cornucopia the check if katniss’s theory is right. When the wave come they sure that it’s true and peeta even draws a map of the clock on the sand. Suddenly a group of other tributes come and a battle begins. In the battle wiress get killed and 2 of the other group. The other group of victors run away and katniss’s group returned to the beach. Katniss and finnick go to the wood to tap a tree when suddenly katniss hears her sister’s voice, screaming. She is running, frightened, until she finds the source of the screaming- a mutation bird that mimetic voices. Katniss kills the bird. When finnick and katniss come back to the beach they find out a transparent wall blocking their way to the others. They understand that they will blocked until this hours will be over, so they stay there, hearing their love one’s screaming.

The next day katniss take peeta to someplace safe to talk and there she is telling him that they are only 8 left in the arena, they are 5 and 3 more, so it’s about time to leave them’ so they wouldn’t have to kill them. Peeta agrees with her, but tells her that beetee have some plan to trap the others tributes, so after they will do it, they will leave. When they come back to the beach beetee is explaining is plan: the lightning hit the tree at midnight, so before that they will run his wire that he take from the cornucopia from the tree all the way to the sand of the beach, that will be still wet from the wave at 1o o’clock, so they will led the other tributes to wthe beach and they will be electrocuted. They all agree to his plan. So, when the night comes, they go to the lightning tree in the woods to set the trap. When the wave comes at 10 o’clock beetee tells to katniss and Johanna to take the wire to the beach and then quickly run away. Next thing that happens is Johanna smash a rock on katniss’s head and when she falls she cuts her in her hand and cheek and then run away. Katniss, now sure that Johanna tried to kill her, starts with all of her power, to go to the tree, where peeta is spouse to be.

When she gets to tree she only sees beetee unconscious with a knife in his hand. She realize that beetee wrapped the wire to the knife that in his hand, the wire is connecting to the tree. She is just now seeing that they are near the force field, so maybe beetee’s plan B is to blow up the force field. Suddenly, katniss remember what haymitch told her before she went to the arena- “remember who the enemy is”. She now understand that the enemy isn’t anyone from the tributes, it’s the capitol. So, ties the wire from beete’s knife to an arrow and shoots him up to the force field, just when the lightning hit the tree, and then everything explode. The last thing katniss remember is a hovercraft take her from the arena. When she wakes up she is on a surgical table, sure she is captive by the capitol. She is starting to walk, she gets out from the room and there she sees finnick, haymitch and the head gamemaker sitting together around a table. Katniss doesn’t understand what is going on so they sat her and tells her everything: how
the head gamemaker was always on their side, how the plan was to blow up the force field, to end the games, how half of the victors was part of the plan and protect her and peeta on the arena. They also tell her that they are flying to district 13, that they are flying right know with district 13 hovercraft. They tell her that most of the districts are in uprising. When katniss ask where is peeta they tell her that the capitol took him ad Johanna before them. Katniss gets angry and starts to hit haymitch, who told her that news, so they give a shot that put her down. When she wake up she sees gale, when they talk he tells her that the capitol blew up district 12, and that he is gone.

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