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The Impact of American Rule Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Even though Philippine-American war had happened, American the the one who successfully educated the Filipinos… The public school system was introduced by the Americans..
The oldest university built by the Americans here in the Philippines was Silliman University in Dumaguete An English writer who wrote the ‘The Great Malayan’ won a prize in the National Contest sponsored by the Commonwealth of the Phils.

Philippine literary production during the American Period in the Philippines was started by two significant developments in education and culture. Americans were the one who introduced the public school system here in the Philippines. They use of English as medium of instruction in all levels of education in public schools. Free public education made knowledge and information access

ible to a greater number of Filipinos. Those who availed of this education through college were able

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to improve their social status and joined a good number of educated masses who became part of the country’s middle class. The use of English as medium of instruction introduced Filipinos to Anglo-American modes of thought, culture and life ways that would be embedded not only in the literature produced but also in the psyche of the country’s educated class. It was this educated class that would be the wellspring of a vibrant Philippine Literature in English.

Philippines Literature is divided into three timeframes:
Period of Re: orientation-1898-1910
* In this period, The writers are not yet productive because they are adjusting to the newfound freedom different from Spaniards. Period of Imitation: 1910-1925
* In this period, the Filipino writers are now coping up and made their way into imitating how the American and British’s write and it resulted to rigid and unnatural style of writing. Period of Self-Discovery: 1925-1941

>Here, the writers had mastered the proper English literature-time favorites love and youth persisted.

Ang Wika at Panitikan ay isa sa mga pinakamatagal at pinaka-impluwensyal na naibahagi ng mga Amerikano sa ating mga Pilipino. . Simula nang dumating ang mga Amerikano, doon na nagsimulang gamitin ang wikang Ingles bilang paraan sa pagtuturo sa lahat ng antas ng edukasyon sa mga pampublikong paaralan.

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