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Holy Week is the week in the catholic liturgical calendar before Easter Sunday. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday. During Holy Week Catholics remember the last week of the life of Jesus. It gives them an opportunity to recall what Jesus did and taught. During Holy Week there are special liturgies such as the Stations of the Cross which are intended to build up to the resurrection on Easter Sunday. Also, holy week is a time of prayer and reflection. Catholics remember that Jesus suffered and was tortured until he died. They worship him especially during Holy Week because they are taught that he did these things so that they could be saved from sin and enter the kingdom of heaven with him and God.

Holy Week is important for Catholics for four main reasons.
Firstly, Catholics can renew and deepen their faith in Jesus through remembering the events of Holy Week. They are reminded that they need to serve one another and put themselves last as well as being witness to their faith.

Also, they remember how Jesus faced adulation then rejection and crucifixion. This should inspire Catholics to think about their role in the world, especially when they’re asked to stand up for others.

Another reason that Holy Week is important is that it reminds Catholics of the suffering Jesus experienced which will give them strength with the suffering they may face. Finally, it is important because it reminds them of the salvation that was brought by Jesus. The death of Christ on the cross forgave the sins of the world and enabled people to have a full relationship with God. It was the death of Jesus that overcame sin, and during Holy Week Catholics try to do things to make up for their sinfulness.

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