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The Importance of Measuring Enterprise can have a huge Impact on businesses. The way a business deal with its day to day transitions shows how well they can handle the demands of measuring, monitoring, and managing the work environment. One way businesses measures its impact on business intelligence or BI for short is the ability to analyze the business information. This will be the way it can improve as well as support any management decisions. This is very important when it’s needed for abundance of business activities. A benefit that businesses have is the ability to monitor up-to-the minute information, and have real time tracking of business transactions. This is very vital for the company’s operations data which in the end has a huge impact on business intelligence opportunities. When it comes to managing data there is a data warehouse that stores current and historical data. This data is used for all types of reports and analysis. When creating these reports a company is able to see annual and quarterly comparisons. An Enterprise application is computer program or software that is designed to integrate all aspects of a company’s operations.

This can be anything from accounting that enables companies to track assets and bookkeeping. Another is finance, which deals with budgets and payroll. Human resources departments, deals with employees like hiring. Three of the most important is marketing, sales, and distribution. Marking is very important; it’s what gets more customers to view your product. Sales and distribution are one of the same; if you do not have any products for sell then the sales will not increase. Other enterprise applications are linkage with customers, so that you can have instant feedback. Staying in contact with customers is important because they are the ones that make the business a business. Staying in communication with business partners will help keeps information flowing. Suppliers is the best way to take control of any business, if you stay in communication with them you will be able to maintain inventory and have a constant flow of products.

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