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            The Last Battle, the seventh and final book of The Chronicles of Narnia series written by C.S. Lewis is about the last battle of Narnia against evil and the conclusion to the marvelous story of the land of Narnia. The Last Battle deals with loyalty and treachery but in the end, goodness triumphs over evil.

The story starts with Shift the deceitful ape and Puzzle the not so clever but meek donkey, tricked by Shift to pretend as Aslan. The ape conspires with the Calormenes and deceives the talking beasts to obey orders in the name of Aslan. Narnia falls to the Calormenes. King Tirian, the last king of Narnia puts a stop to the heresy and cruelty to Narnians with the help of his small army, Eustace and Jill the youngest children from the other world, his friend Jewel the unicorn, Poggin the dwarf, Farsight the eagle, the talking dogs and the other Narnians who remained loyal to the King.

            Aslan puts a permanent stop to evil and ends the existence of Narnia. He rewards those who love him by letting them in to his country, giving them the real Narnia where only the best things exist while those who hate him disappeared into the black shadows. Those who refuse to believe Aslan stayed in the dark experiencing emptiness.

            The story clearly depicts the good and bad and the consequences you have to face when you side with evil. It inspires me to be a better person and do good deeds for I believe that in the end, all of us will get what we deserve.

            Lewis believes in the concept of heaven and hell. The way he describes heaven is enticing and I can really imagine it. I think it’s true enough that goodness always prevails, the bad will be punish and go to hell while the good ones will live happily ever after with God in heaven as what Lewis tells in the book.

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