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Chronicle of a death foretold is less like a novel and more of a report. A reader would have to acknowledge that the narrator establishes a scandal. It is made apparent throughout the novel that the investigator is a member of the community in which all the events of the story take place. The happenings establish the objectivity that the narrator’s eloquence demands. The narrator tries hard to establish the fact that the protagonist was asleep when all of it happened. The “it” being the tragedy, which took place, and to which he participated. His participation is implied in the actual words of the author when he refers to the character named Santiago Nasar’s death as a crime to which he declares everyone is to blame. To underline this fact the novel is very careful in establishing the complicated relationships that tie the narrator of the novel to every protagonist of this tragic novel. The narrator, in addition always expresses his agreement with a witness’s opinion that comes from a shared experience.

The narrator gives the readers a few details about himself and his motivations. The investigative structure of this novel serves as a contradiction to nourish the secret at the middle of the events the mysterious, simultaneous, conflicting feelings, in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, is no one is more confusing than the narrator. The narrator of this novel seems to imply the immediate revelation of unknown information that becomes clear to the fateful events of that distant February morning. The repeated familiarity of Santiago Nasar’s innocence encourages the belief that the identity of the person responsible for Angela’s dishonor will be revealed. One can characterize the narrator’s conversation with a phrase used in the writers words to describe Bayardo San Roman as he had a way of speaking that served more to conceal than to reveal.

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