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“The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber” Questions Essay Sample

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“The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber” Questions Essay Sample

1.Identify at least three instances from the story that foreshadow the ending and explain them. “I’m awfully sorry about that lion business. It doesn’t have to go any further does it? I mean no one will hear about it, will they?” This explains that macomber lied about killing a Lion.

2.What’s the difference between Wilson and Macomber? Pick three lines or incidents that show the differences between the two and explain how they show those differences. Wilson is a brave man while Macomber is an innocent man from America. The incident of the kiss meant nothing to macomber and Wilson just took advantage of it. Macomber Ran away from the lion while Wilson Killed it

3.Why is Macomber afraid during the lion hunt?

4.Is it fear or shame that is Macomber’s greatest weakness? Or something else? Explain your answer. Macomber’s weakness is on making the right decisions. Everytime when he is presented with a demanding situation he makes the wrong choices, even if it is standing up for himself (which he didn’t at the beginning) or killing the lion, or even choosing a loving wife (which margot wasn’t {she is a whore}). Braveness just needs a little motivation and incentive to be found on each man.

5.What line epitomizes each character? Choose one each for Wilson, Macomber, and Margot and explain why it sums up their characters.

6.How does the buffalo hunt transform Macomber?

7.Why does Hemingway have Macomber killed while hunting buffalo (when he is not afraid) rather than while he is in pursuit of a vicious lion (when he is terrified for a night and a day)?

8.How does Hemingway portray Mrs. Macomber in the beginning of the story? What is the difference between his portrayal of her then and at the end of the story?

9.What scares Margot?

10.Do you buy the idea that a person can change completely in an instant? Why or why not? In your answer refer to the characters in the story and people in “real life”. I believe that people do not change in an instant but that their true selves emerge when a situation demands it. It is then that the true self of the person is out for as long as he/she wants to. Like macomber with the buffaloes. Macomber seemed like the guy that would be tired of being stepped on after a few situations that have emerged. But as always, wrong place in the wrong time.

11. Write a paragraph analyzing Hemmingway’s writing style. When we talk about “style” we are referring to syntax, diction, use of figurative language, characterization/development, etc. You are analyzing not what he says, but how he says it. Use specific examples in your analysis. Think of this as a prose “power paragraph”.

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