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Arthur McArthur, husband to Queenie McArthur, was pronounced dead on June 6, 1954 from a head injury which he sustained from falling down his stairs. Arthur’s lifeless body was discovered by his wife Queenie around 1:30 AM, when she had arrived home late from a party dressed in a decadent black dress.

During the autopsy of Arthur’s body it was discovered that he copious amounts of alcohol in his system, which shows that he had been drinking that night. The more intoxicated a person becomes the less control they have over their body. Ergo, this gives evidence to how Mr. McArthur could have fallen down the stairs. He had been totally inebriated, lost his balance, and fell down his stairs.

The body position of Arthur could put anybody into a quandary. How exactly does a person walking down the stairs fall backwards? As it was stated before Mr. McArthur had been highly intoxicated that night, and when he had been walking down the stairs he began to lose his balance. In order to regain it he most likely grabbed for the railing twisting his body around, and then eventually falling the rest of the way down the stairs.

When somebody was to see Arthur’s body position, they would most likely think that he had been walking up the stairs and was struck upon the head. If this were the case there would not only would there be a wound on his head, but there would be blood somewhere around his body. With close examination of the staircase and floor area around his body, there was no blood anywhere to be seen. This gives elicit evidence that Mr. McArthur was not killed from a blow to the head.

Given in the same testimony, by Queenie she told us, that her and Arthur had gotten into a little debacle, and in order to calm down she went to a party at the local country club with some friends. One would suggest that still angry from their fight Queenie came home and saw Arthur walking up the stairs and hit him on the back of the head. This was not the case though, the time Queenie spent at the party would have been plenty of time for her to calm down and forget about their little dispute.

Arriving at the McArthur household we interviewed a few of Queenie’s friends who had arrived at the house 10 minutes later than Queenie. The main similarity in their interviews is the distinct smell of cooking food. One would think that Arthur had been at their stove cooking food, and when Queenie got home she saw her husband’s back to her and she made her move. Mr. McArthur’s body was found at the bottom of the stairs though, not in their kitchen. Even if this were the case, Queenie, a woman of 5’6” weighing 110 lbs. wouldn’t be able to move the much taller and much heavier Mr. McArthur.

Another question that would leave someone puzzled is how Mr. McArthur’s glass didn’t break as he fell down the stairs. Mr. McArthur being in and abject state from their fight earlier that night, had been drinking. With a full glass of alcohol whiskey down the stairs, he began to fall and not wanting to lose his drink he clung onto the glass for dear life. This is backed up by the evidence of Mr. McArthur’s fingerprints on the glass. His whole hand is deeply imprinted on the glass, backing up the conclusion that he clung onto the glass as tightly as possible.

Not only was Mr. McArthur murdered by his wife, it was a complete accident. This was the case because he had been drunk after a fight with his wife. Then while coming down the stairs after putting his robe on he stumbled and fell down the stairs.

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