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Titanic Myths Essay Sample

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Titanic Myths Essay Sample

There was a ship that was said to be unsinkable. This ship was named Titanic. The Titanic had many theories on how it sank, it also had many errors which caused millions of deaths, and had a theory that I believe is true. Theories on how the Titanic sankThe Titanic had many theories on how it sank, here are a few. There was an American businessman, that bought the remains of Princess Amen-Ra. He smuggled the coffin onto the Titanic under the carriage of his car. It was thought that the mummy had bad luck which sank the Titanic.(Byers) This theory states that it wasn’t the Titanic that sank that night it was her was one of her twin sister’s, the Olympic! In September of 1911, the Olympic crashed into a Royal Navy cruiser that damaged both ships. The board of inquiry cleared the navy of crashing into them on purpose, since the inquiry was run by the navy. The White Star line had no hope of getting any insurance money so they switched the two ships and then collect the insurance money when the damaged ship sank to the bottom of the ocean.(Byers) This theory states that the Germans thought they could send a U-Boat in disguise as a iceberg to gather information from shipping in England. There were mechanical failure that turned the mission into a horrible accident with catastrophic results. (Byers)

I think these theories are ridiculous and are myths or legends.Reasons for so many deaths on the Titanic 1,517 people died on the Titanic, here are a few reasons why.If there would have been an alarm that warned the passengers that the ship was sinking many would have gotten to the deck and into life boats. (Everett, 295) There were not enough life boats on the ship which led to people not even getting a chance to leave the sinking ship. (Wade, 111) If there would have been binoculars or spy glasses for the look outs they could have avoided hitting the iceberg completely. (Everett, 287) It is a tragedy that so many people died because of simple errors that could have been avoided all together.The theory of how the Titanic sank that I believe is trueThis theory has been kept a secret but it was told to a newspaper company by Louise Patten, this is the theory.

Louise says, ”On sailing ships they steered by what is known as ”Tiller orders” which meant that if you want to go one way, you push the tiller the other way”.(Stanford) Louise states, “even though Titanic was a steam ship, at that time on the North Atlantic they were still using Tiller orders. Therefore Murdoch gave the command in Tiller orders but Hitchins, in a panic, reverted to the Rudder orders he had been trained in”.(Stanford) Ismay went up on bridge and told the captain to go slow ahead, the ship was meant to be unsinkable. If Titanic would have sat in the water, instead of going “Slow ahead” they would have survived until the rescue ship came.(Stanford) This I believe because it was kept a secret from the world from the only surviving officer off of the titanic.The Titanic had various theories on how it sank, it also had errors that contributed to the deaths of millions of people, and there is a theory that I believe that is true about the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic has many mysteries on how it sank and errors which contributed to the sinking of the unsinkable ship.

The Titanic had many theories on how it sank, it also had many errors which caused millions of deaths, and had a theory that I believe is true. 1. The Titanic had many theories on how it sank.A. There was a mummy brought on board the Titanic that had bad luck which sunk the ship.B. The white star line had wrecked the Titanic and knew they weren’t going to get any insurance money so they switched the two ships and sunk it to get the insurance money.C. The German sent a U-boat disguised as a iceberg to recover information from England but had technical failures and sunk the Titanic. 2. The Titanic had many errors with caused millions of deaths.A. If there would have been alarms to warn the passengers that the ship is sinking they would have made it out.B. There weren’t enough life boats.

C. A eye glass or binoculars were not provided to the look outs. 3. There is a theory that I believe that is true. A. It was kept a secret from the world from the only surviving officer off of the titanic. B. Hitchins freaked out and reverted back to the way he wastaught and hit the iceberg.C. Ismay went up on bridge and told them to go slow ahead, but if they would have sat in the water they would have survived until the rescue boats came.

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