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Compare and contrast the challenges experienced in fulfilling customer requirements in Trans-European Plastics and New Supply Chain strategies at old M&S
(b) Discuss possible solutions with regards to analysis of performance factors such as cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility and ‘order winners and qualifiers’.

4. (a) elaborate on the following:
Trans-European Plastics: Issues with dependability, distribution issues, storage space, implications for inventory management after warehouse expansion Product range is 500+ with requirement to produce MTS. Fluctuations in demand lead to stockouts – ( no customer fulfilment) to excess stock. Reorder levels are historic, backlog of items, difficult to cope with seasonal fluctuations, poor demand profiling. ‘M&S’: women aged 35-55 were not being served well with the products. Lengthy supply chain procedures, excessive stock 9-12 months earlier than requirement, no demand profiling, competitors- fast fashion, low pricing, good quality. Customer fulfilment strategies need discussing with theory.

Delivery should be
received in a week
Not changing from the
core 500

Stock should be available at all times in
Fast fashion range- changing

Not currently possible

Not currently possible

Order winners

Availability, price

Order qualifier
Operation priority

inventory management,

Availability, quality- depending upon
Speed of response to customer
requirement, customer profiling, supply
chain design

Innovative products
Wide range of
Ability to change
timing or quantity

Depending upon range, however cost to
be kept low
Depending upon range: value for moneyfashion goods
Fast fashion for certain ranges

4 [email protected] 40-50 lines each range

TEP: possible solutions- deciding the inventory levels and re-order policies based on demand profiles, scheduling work according to new inventory policies, SMED (reduce setups), faster changeovers, ABC analysis

M&S: responsive supply chain, fewer suppliers, more integration, customer profiling, ABC analysis, information transparency across the chain

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