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Truth Essays


A Multitude of Truths

Could you ever imagine living in a world where one plus one could not equal two? Living in a time where fact had little to no power over a higher authority. In this time there was a man named Galileo

Bridging Black and White

Introduction             Do The Right Thing (1989) is a cult film written, directed, and produced by the inimitable Spike Lee, which won numerous awards and nominations both in the United States and around the world.  Racial conflict and bigotry are

Persuasive Paper: John Proctor

John Proctor was a farmer in seventeenth century Massachusetts. He was married to Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor was a leader not a follower. He was a man that everyone in the town looked up to. Proctor was a both strong

''Life of Pi'', Truth - The Twisted Reality

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” a wise man once said. Humans as a whole are eternally searching for truth, but in reality, truth is what you make it. Yann Martel allows us to further understand this concept through

Jose Rizal: a 1998 Film

The film “José Rizal” by Marilou Diaz-Abaya is not foreign to me. I have watched it before and believed its contents. It is amazing to see all their efforts in trying to recreate the life story of our national hero,

Plato and the Censure of Art

Plato when imagined his ideal state, he asserts that societies have a structure where in everything has its place. To maintain order, every factor of life, from people to production to ideas must be subordinated to the good of the

Critical Analysis of Zaabalawi by Naguib Mahfouz

The Battle between Responsibility and Manipulation in Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People” Noorbakhsh Hooti Assistant Professor Department of English Language and Literature Faculty of Arts Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran. Amin Davoodi EFL Instructor The Adults’ Department of the

Women and Honor: Some Notes on Lying (1975)

These notes were first read at the Hartwick Women Writers’ Workshop, founded and directed by Beverly Tanenhaus, at Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York in June 1975. They were published as a pamphlet by Motheroot Press in Pittsburgh, 1977; in Heresies:

Do information media have social responsibility?

Yes, I do think information media have social responsibility because some teenagers have self-discipline that allows them to have an order in their life. For most children, it’s very capable of them to be observational learners through watching and imitating.

The Sweet Hereafter: Blame and Civil discourse

We are surrounded by unexplainable horrors: gang violence and murder; hurricanes and other natural disasters cause hundreds of casualties; giant passenger planes crash into the ocean and hundreds die terrifying deaths. Justice and our search for moral peace seemingly require

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