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As discussed in the previous studies by Combs, apply your knowledge of typologies of terrorist attacks to the following assignment. 1.On pages 15-16 of Chapter One in the text are four brief sketches of what were termed by some observers to be terrorist acts. 2.Use the four criteria in the definition of terrorism suggested in this chapter to decide which two of these four incidents were, in fact, terrorist acts. 3.Try also to decide which type of terrorism, if any, was involved, using any one of the typologies mentioned (pages 12-13). 4.In a 200-300 word essay, elaborate on the definition and the typologies of terrorism. 5.Make sure to answer all questions in detail and cite your sources. 6.Follow APA guidelines.

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.

Random terror; involves the placing of explosives where people gather such as a post office, rail road stations or café to destroy whoever happens to be there. Random terror acts may be the most coward’s type of terrorism possible. Random terror harms all types of individuals who are normally civilians who have nothing to do with the terrorist’s goals other than being a victim of terror. This is a type of terror that imposes fear, innocent physical injury or death by an individual who does not know the intended victims or has the nerve to faces the victims they intend to harm. The terrorist’s motive may be religious differences, political difference, governmental difference or even just differences they were told exist between them.

There is no nation that should condom this type of terrorism if any at all. Tactical terror; is directed solely against the ruling government as a part of a broad revolutionary strategy plan. Tactical terror is a strategy to impose terror on the existing government to cause enough damage to the existing government to cause their demise. This type of terrorism is a very aggressive and bold terrorist type. Normally the terrorist faction is not as powerful as the government they are attempting to cause damage. The cause of this type of terrorism is usually cause by a difference in politics, religion or both. Government usually has organized and maintained armed forces to protect their government. Terrorist normally have a much smaller force and are independently supported. This is why the opposing faction utilizes terrorist tactics. Head to head the terrorist faction has little chance of winning a open battle against the existing government so they utilize terrorist tactic to cause fear, confusion and descent in the existing government. This is a very old yet effective tactic for a terrorist faction.


Combs, C. C. (2006-2013). Terrorism in the Twenty-First Centry (7th ed.). Boston, Mas: Pearson.

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