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In 1990’s, video games evolve into virtual reality experience for young video game players. Most video games let the player become as a “first person shooter” who have the ability to shoot and kill their opponents in the game (Porter & Starcevic, 2007). According to the Harvard Mental Health (2010), adolescents who play video games for routinely have the potential to develop aggressive personalities. In 2008, Pew Research proves that 97% of young individuals play video games that contain violence that brings a concern to the public (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). Various types of studies prove that adolescents who play video games routinely develop hostile behaviors and generate more crime. Video Games and Hostility

Young adults who are exposed frequently playing video games have developed violent attitude (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). According to Mental Health Letter (2010), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) did a study that aggressive and violent young adults are influenced from the destructive context of the video games. A study proved that aggressive of the video games lead young adults to various of personality disorders such as being anti social and prone to destructive personality (Porter & Starcevic, 2007). Because adolescents tend to have great imagination, they have the ability to envision themselves as part of the game (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). Therefore, Harvard Mental Health Letter (2010) claims the young adults develop their aggressive behaviors and actions from the video game’s characters that routinely kill and destroy their opponents. Moreover, the adolescents are capable to disconnect themselves from their own reality (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). Video Games and Crime

According to Harvard Mental Health Letter (2010), a study illustrated that young adults aggressiveness led to create of various types of misconducts. In addition, young individuals have the sense of superiority and insensitivity of their own environment (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). The US. General of Surgeon did a study that an adolescent who extensively play of destructive video games for the long term tend to develop uncontrollable destructive behaviors (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2010). As a result, the attitude led to “real-world aggression” that causes the young individual to become desensitized. For example, the killers of the Columbine massacre were influence from the video games called the “Doom” (Porter & Starcevic, 2007). According to Escobar-Chaves and Anderson (2008), a study proved that video games are one of the sources to create misconduct acts for many young adults due to the graphic and violent contents. As a result, young individuals tend to show more anger problems, display personality disorders, and create “revenge motives” of thoughts (Escobar-Chaves and Anderson, 2008).

Video games influence many young adults who show various types of hostile behaviors that lead them to be come insensitive to the society. The studies prove that violent video games have created the young adults mentality to be create new realm for themselves to have superiority and freedom to express their raw nature of aggression. However, adolescents who unable to recognize the reality versus the virtue reality tend to be disconnected themselves. Therefore, the aggressive behaviors induce many young individuals to become desensitize which leads to create crime.

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