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From ancient times, the wealth is what people usually think of. Wealth not only brings physical comfort to people, but also brings them happiness. So, to be one of the rich is better than to be one of the poor.

Firstly, wealth gives people the comfort of the material. For example, the rich could buy everything that they like without thinking of how much it costs such as villas, luxurious car or long vacation abroad. In addition, wealth also brings many opportunities for learning in developing countries. As an example, an outstanding student who was born in a wealthy family when traveling abroad, he/she only focuses on job or training to achieve high results and not has to think or eat sparingly to save money to send to his/her family.

Secondly, wealth brings happiness to people. For instance, rich people are usually interested in the purchase of expensive items to give to family or friends as presents on any occasions and the recipients’ pleasances bring them with the feeling that they have brought joy to others so they feel happy. Moreover, families of wealthy people do not always argue about money, they often think of where they will go to relax or who they will visit at the weekend, as the result, they always feel happy and fulfilled.

Thirdly, wealth ensures people’s children a happy life in the future. That is because rich people have more opportunities to choose the best educational facilities for their children which lead to the reality that the rich’s children also have many chances to learn, communicate and access to the advanced education so they will have more opportunities to secure a good job in the future as a result.

I am sure that wealth is something that all people are eager to obtain. Because it gives people so much things that I mentioned above. With my perspective, opulence not only brings good things to everybody, it makes our lives more meaningful also.

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