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Welcome to Lake George! We are thrilled that you are here to share in the joy of our wedding celebration. We are so fortunate to have each of you in our lives and feel honored that you have traveled great distances to be with us. Many years from now when we look back upon our life, love and this day, we will remember that it was not the flowers, the music,

the flowers, the music, nor the food that made our day so special; it is the memories of you, our family & friends helping to celebrate the beginning of our lives as husband and wife that we will cherish most. Having you here for our celebration will make our wedding truly wonderful & we thank you for sharing in one of our happiest occasions.

Please enjoy the goodies included in this bag. They are just a small token of our appreciation.

Please make the most of your stay here in Lake George NY. We hope that they next few days will be as memorable for you as they will be for us.

With much love & appreciate,

Luciano & Edilena

Dear Family and Friends,

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