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According to my religious beliefs, life is eternal but not this one. Comparing the span of this life with my afterlife is a lot like comparing a millisecond to a millennium. Even this comparison is inadequate for the span of my afterlife. Nonetheless the time to achieve something great in this life, only if God keeps me alive and healthy to an approximate age of my country’s life expectancy, is supplementary.

The things I hope to achieve are innumerable even after being realistic. The prime achievement I have in mind has a lot of steps to achieve. It is a process that involves insecurity mentally and physically in almost every step. It is a venture that can either blossom or be nothing but a huge loss of money, time and hard work or even cost my life.

The venture is to form my very own political party and be elected prime minister of Bangladesh but firstly mastering political science well. Stereotypically, Bangladesh is recognized as a poor country that floods every year. It suffers political and economic instability every now and then. There are numerous other noteworthy negative issues, of which most can be fixed.

The geographic conditions of almost every single country on this planet played a crucial role for the countries’ development. The people of the country played another crucial role. The British, Dutch, Mongols, Mughals, Persians and other races, once fought for our country’s territory. Trees wherever you go, fish brought fresh from the river and many other beautiful resources once occupied our nation, of which many are diminishing completely.

Bangladesh may not be like it once was but it is not impossible to bring it together and functioning efficiently. I hope to make Bangladesh the fastest economically growing country and to make it a First World country.

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