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What is better in the life of work? The conditions or the salary? Today many teenagers have to decide between these two things, for some it is an easy decision for others not. But what is more important for you, if you have a nice job, that you can love every day or a very good salary so that on your bank account there is a lot of money. Many people will say that the conditions are more important because you must do your job every day. Choosing the right job with good conditions is not a bad decision, because having a bad condition job will be suck. Every morning for the rest of your life of work you will have to wake up with a bad stance, because you must go to your job that you hate is the best influence for your life. Instead of beginning your day with a happy feeling. In other words, the influence of your bad condition work can also have a bad influence on your private life. However, also the salary is important because today you need money everywhere. Today life with less money is not easy because than you have to save everywhere.

In addition, less money contains also working long hours or having more than one job. In contrast with a good salary, you can dump down in your leather armchair and watch TV on your 70-inch flat screen. Thus, with a good salary your life will be easier. With money you can fulfill your wishes and you can live an expensive life. Then your free time might be very limited. Having a big house, an expensive car, a lot of money to fulfill every wish of your child’s is useless because in most cases a good salary means also having a very limited free time. It means that you work all day long and you might have no time for your family and private thing. As this suggests, a good salary is useless if you haven’t any time to spend your money. To sum up, I think the conditions are as important as the salary. It is just hard to find a job where both aspects are given. It need a lot of luck to find a job that you love to do and you get a good salary for it. You should continue your life happily and remain optimistic because you can choose where to work itself.

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