Why I Enroll in JROTC? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I was an elementary student when I heard about the JROTC program. My high school friends once told me about it and were encouraging me to join the program. Somewhere along everybody’s life’s, one exceeds a sense of leadership and moral standards. It is within and only within this program, in which you will find yourself succeeding in most that you do. Until I finally made my way to high school, I was known to be a cadet and additionally, a student also.

As a starter, I knew nothing but to learn from my remaining days as a cadet. As I gain more knowledge about the program, I’ve learned that JROTC creates a new way of thinking. JROTC has given me the opportunity on becoming a superior leader. Not only has this program inspires me, but also other cadets in doing excellent jobs for the benefits of themselves.

Because the program provides us with a brighter future, First Sergeant and hopefully other sergeant, are pleasing us with valuable and meaningful lectures every single day. They have given us the opportunity to take responsibility in whatever that we do, and that shows how considerate they are to us. JROTC is composed of many activities in which majority of cadets take advantage of.

Without the JROTC program, I would never get the chance to honor brave men and women who have risked their lives for the freedom of our people. It was through participation that the program provides us with common set of rules and commands to follow. Within these set of rules, we are to listen carefully, learn from it and take action. Through the ending of school year, I’ve found myself progressing.

Attitudes were solved, manners were learned and works were done mentally. This program has taught me a lot. The things we’ve been crying our lives out for starts from us, becoming cadets. Help is given to the consequences you are to face. Favoritism is put behind and everything is done equally. Bullet for this program, if you are willing to become a man with wealth because this program has given me the pride to kept enrolling.

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