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Wizcom Technologies Ltd. is a multinational company, which is the largest producer of portable hand-held scanning translators. The company produces portable electronic pen-shaped scanners, which are capable of scanning printed text and immediately translating the text, word for word, into other languages, and displaying the translated text on an LCD screen or scanning text and keep it in memory in order to transfer scanned text to word processing software on a Desktop computer or laptop. The company was founded in 1995 in Jerusalem. During the 2000s the company relocated its headquarters to Marlborough, Massachusetts in the U.S. ADVANTAGES

The Quicktionary II Premium from Wizcom Technologies is a hand-held text scanner and language translator. The advantages for this product are firstly, this product can scan and translate. The Quicktionary II Premium comes with over 30 downloadable language dictionary absolutely free. These enable users to scan full lines of text, receive instantaneous word-by-word translation and hear scanned English words pronounced aloud. By changing dictionaries as needed, users easily become fluent anywhere in the world. Integrated Text-to-Speech technology enables users to pronounce new English words with confidence. Another advantages is, this product can store and transfer the data. Example is transfer the 1,000 pages printed text, to be transferred to a PC, PDA or any Windows application at leisure. Users working with their computer can scan printed text directly to an archive cursor point. Collected data can be transferred to any Windows based application seamlessly. SUITABLE

This product suited to all age groups, particularly in the still further studies. For individual careers can also use this product as they may also have a not so good at using different languages ​​as the language they use in their daily activities. PRICE

For the price this product is RM 482.00 per each and they must get the USB cable for communications port. If you want use this product, you must buy the couple of 3A batteries for use this quicktionary in RM 5.60. CONCLUSION

Conclusion, this product is a product of the latest technology that can scan a word found in a book or magazine and translates words in various languages. In addition, the translated words can be translated into sound. With this, the user is also able to learn the word not only how to spell and pronounce the word. Apart from that, users can also save a lot of data in the form of words in this product and can be transferred to a computer or PDA. For example, the product can store over 1,000 pages of printed text; it should be transferred to a PC, PDA or any Windows application at leisure. Users who work with their computer can scan printed text directly into the archive cursor point. Collecting data can be transferred to any Windows-based applications smoothly.


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