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Worker Essays


From Touch Labour to Knowledge Workers

Advanced technology tends to reduce the number of jobs that require little skill and to increase the number of jobs that require considerable skill. In general, this transformation has been referred to as a shift from “touch labour” to knowledge

Use of Contingency Workers

 Abstract             Since the industrial revolution, companies have resorted to alternative employees.  Contingent workers are temporary or part-time workers who work under a contract on specific projects.  Employers turn to contingent workers to avoid over staffing in times of a

Advocacy in Social Work

Advocacy can be defined as ‘pleading the case of another’ or as a means of transferring power back to the client to enable them to control their own affairs. Social workers interview their clients and sometimes liaise with other professionals

Work Unions

Question 1 A work union or trade union is an organization of workers who come together to achieve a common goal in their places of work. A work union through its leaders bargains with the employer on behalf of union

Counselor Burnout

Hypothesis             Counselor burnout and compassion fatigue predominates  the professions related with the provision of care is it possible to offset the situation through the promotion of the morale of the workers as well as their motivation? Abstract This research

The Future Of Human Services

            Research in human services and related fields has the government looking to change the focus on the outcomes rather on the processes and structure of the research.  This means that social workers must be prepared to try new ideas

Employee Profile Motivation action Plan

Motivation is giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something. It can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is focused by an awareness or satisfaction in the task itself and usually occurs within the person rather than relying on


1.1 Introduction Many people tend to assume that the most important motivator at work is pay. Yet, studies point to a different factor as the major influence over worker motivation, job design. How a job is designed has a major

Internal and External Equity

Equity as it applies to compensation plans used by employers refers to the exchange of service for compensation that employees make with their employers. Total compensation systems take into consideration all things of value given by an employer to an

Interpersonal Communication Report for DMG Corporation

Executive summary This report will outlines and analyses the matter of interpersonal communication of DMG Corporation. It will clearly explain the four specific criteria related to communication aspect. It’s also provide full detail information on those criteria include the definition,

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