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Write an Essay Classifying People by the Way They Dress Essay Sample

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Write an Essay Classifying People by the Way They Dress Essay Sample

People of modern society are very much concerned over what would be the appropriate attire for different occasions and purposes. Each culture and country impose a very different way of dress. Thus, people need to be wise in choosing suitable attire according to the conditions so that they look more confident. In Malaysia, people seem to divide into three categories according to the type of clothes they are dressed in which are formal, informal and casual. The first category is people that wear formal dress which is consider to be professional wear. This garment is general term for clothing suitable for formal social occasions like wedding ceremony and as a work attire.

For a government staff sector, it is more polite for them to wear suits, trousers, belts, shirts with a tie and shoes for the men and ‘Baju Melayu’ on Friday for those are Muslims while for a women, they wear ‘Baju Kurung’. All of these clothes are also suitable to be wear by university students when they attend to their classes. In formal occasions, usually the men will wear tuxedoes and for the women, they will wear a silk dress like gown. The second category is people who wear informal clothes. This type of dressing are usually wear at markets, gardens and at house. Clothes that are very familiar and comfortable to be wear at this situation are round-neck t-shirt, tracksuit, ‘kain pelekat’ or ‘batik’, pyjamas and slipper.

All of these clothes emphasize relaxation of someone and also the places that they are in. People wear them depending on the weather. For example, people wear round-neck t-shirt in the hot day and long sleeve collarless t-shirt in rainy day. For ‘kain pelekat’ or ‘batik’ and pyjamas, they are mostly use at night as sleepwear. The last category is people that wear casual garments. This type of garment is considered as less formal but not too informal. They usually wear this when they want to shopping mall, social events, informal parties and holidays. Casual clothes can be elegant and glamour wear with their different combinations.

For examples, when a person wears denim jeans with a collared t-shirt and a pair of sandals, he looks very ordinary and simple, but if he wears the same denim jeans with a collared t-shirt and casual shoes then he would look much smarter. Another casual clothes are sweater, blouses and evening dress where it is suitably wear in social events or informal parties like birthday parties.

Obviously, the most popular of all type of clothes is the casual clothing, this is due to its versatility in which it can be wear at anywhere. In conclusion, people change the way they are dressing according to the places, events and situations. People apply this to respect and suite themselves with the circumstances. By the way people dress will indicate one’s attitude and their personalities toward people surrounding them.

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