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1: What is Ms. Shaffer’s thesis in the article?
She seems to be trying to spread the idea of Southernization and its influence on the change and creation of the modern world through the effects of its innovations and trade of cotton, spices, silk, rice, math, and sugar.

2: What does the author mean by “Southernization”?
The term Southernization seems to refer to the process of Southern Asia becoming a major influence that spread to various other places around the world in terms of goods, and trade.

3: How is the “South” defined in her article?

She refers to it as the areas of India,, Malaysia, China, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

4. List the ideas, agricultural, mineral, and manufactured products that she associates with “Southernization.” What places were the ideas, agriculture, minerals, and manufactured products associated with?

She refers to contributions such as gunpowder and the compass from China, sugar cultivation and medicine from Arab countries, sailing techniques and technology from Malaysia, and math and trade systems from India.

What were the major contributions of Indians, Malays, Chinese, and Arabs to hemispheric development?

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