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Introduction of TOPIC

I am very pleased to know that your company is recruiting new employees for the position of audit assistant and I believe this position seems very suitable for me.

I am fully confident of working as an audit assistant, because most my abilities match your requirement. It is clearly to see that I graduated the University of Economics and had one-year experience in this field. Moreover, my computer science is good, I always use it as a tool to support my work effectively. I also can keep communication well in Vietnamese and English. Furthermore, I gained a lot of useful skills form some soft skill courses such as “ Art of Communication” and “Master of Ceremonies” .

In addition, I have had experience in working independently and working in group. In other words, I have experience to work as leader of promotion group for two years and as Finance Advisor for one year. Moreover, I always keep on studying and improving my skills. Although I am quite busy for my study and my work and often work under pressure, I can keep balance my life. Therefore I can work under pressure for a long time. I think it will be a good chance to perfect my self if I can be a part of your company. It is my goal to join a professional company like yours.

Please consider my resume for additional information on me.

I will gladly provide references at your request. You can contact me at 0907740664. I look forward to hearing from your soon.

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