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Good Morning everyone, it is a pleasure to be here in front of you. I would be talking about my very own hometown, Cebu City. Did you know that Cebu City is nominated for New 7 wonder Cities in the world? According to Wikipedia, Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines. One of the factors why Cebu is nominated is because of its Good Education. ‘Colegio de San Ildefonso’ is the Oldest School not just in Philippines but in Asia as well. This can be found in Cebu City and this is now known as University of San Carlos, one of the Top Performing Schools in the Philippines. Cebu is the main educational institute in the central region of the country. It has several large universities specializing in various courses such as Medicine, Engineering, Nautical courses, Nursing, Law, Commerce, Education, Computer and IT and other professions. The most prominent of these universities are the University of San Carlos, University of the Philippines Cebu College, University of San Jose–Recoletos, Cebu Normal University, University of Cebu, University of Southern Philippines Foundation, Southwestern University, and the University of the Visayas.

The only medical university in the country is the Cebu Doctors’ University. Furthermore, other factor why Cebu is nominated is because Cebu got the best delicacies and offers World Class accommodation. These delicacies include the very famous, Cebu dried mangoes, Lechon, Chicharon and Danggit. Cebu City has many different Word Class Hotels, Resorts and Spa. The most famous one are the Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu Imperial Palace Water Park Resort and Spa, Cebu Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu Plantation Bay Resort and Cebu Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa. Despite of being highly organized city, Cebu City is able to preserve its past, its culture and heritage. Cebu City is home of the Philippines Grandest Festival; The Sinulog Festival. It is considered as one of Asia’s biggest Celebration and it attracts thousands of local and foreign visitors. To sum of everything Cebu is nominated for New 7 Wonder Cities in the World is because of its good education, best delicacies, offers world class accommodation and was able to preserve its culture and heritage. Cebu City is considered as a fast growing city, it will be then recognized as “Asia’s Future City”.

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